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Engine cooling systems must be quiet, light, efficient, space-saving and reliable - the less they are noticed, the better.

The Visco® clutch has the task of making the frictional connection to the fan wheel depending on the temperature and influencing its speed. If no cooling air is required, the Visco® clutch switches off and continues to run at a lower speed. The Visco clutch is triggered by a bi-metal element which is exposed to environmental temperature. A bore hole is released by a pressure pin and silicone oil flows from the store into the working chamber. There, the drive torque is transferred to the fan wheel, the continuously variable speed of which is set automatically on the basis of the operating conditions by means of wear-free viscous friction.
In the case of the electrically driven Visco® clutch, control takes place directly via sensors. A regulator processes the values and a pulsed control current carries these to the integrated electromagnet. The defined guided magnetic field regulates the valve which controls the internal oil flow via an armature. An additional sensor for fan speed completes the regulator circuit. This increases the dynamics of fan switch-on and -off. Cooling to match requirements improves the level of coolant temperature, engine noise as well as fuel consumption.


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