Water pump kits and water pumps

New since 2012: water pump kits and water pumps

The coolant pump is driven mechanically or electrically and conveys the coolant through the coolant circuit. 

The service life is highly dependent on the following factors: 

  • Proper installation.
  • Care and maintenance of the cooling system.
  • Coolant quality.
  • Condition and functional capability of adjoining units.

Poor maintenance, improper use of coolants, corrosion, etc. could cause irreversible damage to the water pump. A failure can make itself noticeable as follows: noises, leaks and engine overheats.
All drive-relevant parts of water pumps are perfectly matched to each other. Therefore, these parts should be replaced as a set for any replacements necessitated by a repair or when reaching the service intervall. Behr Hella Service offers complete kits including water pump (including O-rings or other seals), toothed belts, and, if needed, tension, deflection and guide rollers, seals, and dampers.

Benefits of the more than 150 water pump kits:

  • Garages receive all spare parts required for complete repair from one source.
  • Perfectly matched components in original equipment quality.
  • No need to search for suitable replacement parts.
  • Avoidance of errors and incorrect orders.
  • Minimisation of exchange transactions. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction by saving time for wholesale and garage.

In addition more than 600 water pumps will be available as individual spare parts in OEM quality.

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