Premium Line
Premium Line


Reliable high product quality, an outstanding service package and the largest premium product range on the market have led to Behr Hella Service becoming a leading supplier for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling.

Now Behr Hella Service is taking it to the next stage. A new product marking is on the way! While maintaining the strategic focus on product quality, price level and service, the new product marking allows for clear quality differentiation between premium and standard products. Starting from 2017 on all products will get the appropriate markings accordingly.

Greater transparency, which helps in selecting products and provides specific measures for establishing customer loyalty. You do not have to worry about creating any significant expense for yourself to make the conversion!


Your advantages at a glance

  • Unique quality differentiation
    Increased transparency with an informative product marking.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
    The clear product classification makes it clear what is in the box.
  • You can profit with minimal effort
    Article numbers, product quality, price level and service remain unchanged.
  • You have the choice!
    In many cases, you will continue to have the choice between premium or standard.

The new product marking

Reliable, high product quality is what you know from Behr Hella Service. Similarly, Behr Hella Service stands out as a leading supplier of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling thanks to its outstanding service package.

Our strategic focus on product quality, price level and service is the basis for everything that we do so that we can offer the very best for our customers. And in order to improve even more, we are introducing a new product marking for greater transparency.

  • The Premium Line is comprised of approximately 4,500 products produced by Behr, AKG, Visteon, which are offered exclusively by Behr Hella Service on the independent aftermarket, as well as other manufacturers with OE competence.
  • The standard program consisting with wide vehicle coverage consists of approximately 3,000 products and forms the basis of the Behr Hella Service product range.

The launch of the new Premium Line marking makes it easy to see at first glance whether you are working with a premium or standard product.

A change in the presentation to date is readily apparent in products which were previously simply labeled as an "alternative version". Similar to the standard program, these are now furnished with the Behr Hella Service logo and do not include any additional designation.

Product Marking

* Alternative for the according Premium product
** in many cases the alternative for the according Premium product


The right one for you through two segments

Every repair and every customer needs the right fit. The component has to be right and the quality has to be right. This is where our two segments come into play and help our customers to find the right product for each occasion.

Segments Premium Line

 Cooling performance under normal conditions

For standard products: Sufficient performance under normal conditions.
No difference between the standard and Premium Line.


 Cooling performance under extreme conditions

Premium products give you higher performance reserves under extreme conditions (e.g. mid-summer, mountains, full power).
Fuel consumption can be reduced somewhat as the fan assist can come in at a later point under extreme conditions.



The standard program offers economical solutions with an excellent price/performance ratio.
The PREMIUM LINE is designed with durability for the entire vehicle life cycle in mind.


 Number of products

The standard program features wide vehicle coverage and forms the basis of the product range (approximately 3,100 products)
The PREMIUM LINE is comprised of Produced by Behr, AKG, Visteon and other manufacturers with OE competence (approximately 4,500 products).


 Product availability

All Behr Hella Service products have world-class availability.



All important services ensured, including sales assistance and technical service.


The new product marking in TecDoc

In TecDoc, the most important research tool for garages and wholesalers, we will naturally ensure Premium Line products are clearly marked as such. From beginning of 2017, you will see the "*** PREMIUM LINE ***" designation after the corresponding entries.

If two products exist for one reference, the Premium Line product is marked with the corresponding addition. The displayed alternative is displayed without the addition, i.e. only under Behr Hella Service


If TecDoc only finds one reference, however, either "BEHR HELLA SERVICE *** PREMIUM LINE ***" or just "BEHR HELLA SERVICE" is displayed after the designation for the corresponding part.

TecDoc Premium Line

The PREMIUM LINE in catalogs

Of course, we are also including the PREMIUM LINE marking in our print materials so that you can immediately see and recognize the type of product you are viewing when looking through Behr Hella Service catalogs.

In the table headers, you will find a separate column that indicates the corresponding PREMIUM LINE products


Quick identification on the product

Every Behr Hella Service product is sent in the established standard cardboard box. It is easy to tell the different product segments apart by looking at the product itself, or at the label on the box.

In comparison, you can see that PREMIUM LINE products include an extra element on the label. A hologram of the PREMIUM LINE logo is integrated into the lower, orange bar of the label.

This sets the special product segment even further apart from the standard segment.



This marking will be gradually implemented on the label and on the product itself with the start of 2017.

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