Technology & Products / 16.07.2015
Technology & Products / 16.07.2015

PAO Oil 68 from Behr Hella Service: safe and powerful

Compressor oil has no negative effects whatsoever on the components of the airconditioning circuit 


Schwäbisch Hall, July 16, 2015. Behr Hella Service products are known for their outstanding quality and excellent functionality. The compressor oils PAO Oil 68 and PAO Oil 68 Plus UV with contrast agent are no exception. Both have been tested by the manufacturer and by independent institutes, meet the highest standards and have no negative effects at all on any components of the vehicle air-conditioning systems or the air-conditioning service station. Behr Hella Service adds special additives to the basic element "PAO" (polyalphaolefin) which realize the outstanding properties of the oil. PAO Oil 68 therefore represents a unique combination of highly refined synthetic oil and performance-enhancing additives.


Furthermore, PAO Oil 68 is compatible with many other lubricants and refrigerants. When used with PAG Oil and refrigerants, there is a limited tendency to mix with other oils – only as much as is required. When "at rest" there is a re-separation due to the characteristic molecular structure and density. There is therefore no permanent amalgamation with PAO Oil 68 which guarantees that the necessary viscosity of the oils is maintained and there is no change in the overall viscosity. This means that PAO Oil 68 can be used both for refilling and to replace the whole system oil capacity.


More positive properties: the compressor oil from Behr Hella Service is not hygroscopic. That is, unlike other oils it does not absorb moisture from the ambient air. This means that humidity problems, e.g. icing of components or formation of acids, can be counteracted simply by using PAO Oil 68. Compared to traditional oils, PAO Oil 68 therefore offers a much more useful range of applications and it is easier for garages to store.

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