Technology & Products / 24.11.2016
Technology & Products / 24.11.2016

Behr Hella Service: even more transparent thanks to a new branding concept

New branding in the portfolio will clearly differentiate between premium and standard products // The new Premium Line covers around 4,500 articles


Schwäbisch Hall, November 24, 2016. Behr Hella Service, specialist for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling, is further increasing the transparency of its portfolio and will be introducing a new Premium Line branding from the beginning of 2017. That means that the over 7,500 products in Behr Hella Service’s range will in future be grouped under two different markings. The Premium Line will include around 4,500 products manufactured by Behr, AKG, Visteon and other manufacturers in OE competence. The around 3,000 products in the standard program cover a wide range of vehicles and form the basis of Behr Hella Service’ product range.

In many cases customers will still be able to choose between standard and premium products for specific applications. "These new branding will enable our customers to clearly differentiate between premium and standard products", explains Jürgen Laucher, one of the two managing directors of Behr Hella Service. "At the same time we will naturally be retaining the strategic orientation of our product quality, price levels and service. The familiar article numbers are also being retained, so our reorganization should not give our customers any appreciable trouble", adds Gerwin Vilain, Laucher’s colleague as managing director of Behr Hella Service.

Premium Line products will be branded as such in the electronic TecDoc catalog, in future printed catalogs, on the articles themselves and on the package label. The online version of TecDoc will be converted for the start of 2017, and then successively from the beginning of the year. Articles in the standard range that were previously labeled "Version Alternative" will now be marked with the Behr Hella Service logo in the same way as those in the standard program, but will not be given any additional designation.

You will find more information about the new markings in the Behr Hella Service portfolio at: .

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