Garages & Services / 21.03.2017
Garages & Services / 21.03.2017

Behr Hella Service provides workshops with technical support to ensure smooth and trouble-free air-conditioning checks

  • Compressor app, checklists and filling quantity handbooks updated and launch of new videos with technical instructions
  • Professional marketing materials draw customers' attention to air-conditioning checks

Schwäbisch Hall, March 21, 2017. Every year up to 10 percent of the refrigerant present in an air-conditioning system can escape - a fact that in time brings about a drop in performance. It can also lead to the damaging of the air-conditioning system. Consequently it makes good sense to carry out regular checks on every air-conditioning system. In order to run such checks in the workshop smoothly and quickly, Behr Hella Service offers support not only by providing the appropriate spare parts and service parts but also by, first and foremost, making available technical expertise in the form of instructions, videos and brochures. Furthermore, the company also provides valuable assistance by highlighting to workshop customers the importance of an air-conditioning check.

Compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve - workshops carefully and thoroughly examine the key components of an air-conditioning system as part of the air-conditioning check. In the course of a detailed analysis, Behr Hella Service also offers backup and makes available an animated 3D tool. The so-called know-how tool can be found by visiting the online portal HELLA TECH WORLD ( and it demonstrates very clearly the various functions of and the interconnection between different components. In addition, workshop staff can also find checklists and technical videos in this portal. These illustrate in clear, easy steps how, for example, an air-conditioning compressor or a car interior blower can be replaced. In the same way, checklists also offer a good deal of support. Another very useful accompaniment to the daily routine in the workshop is the presence of filling quantity handbooks on air-conditioning and cooling systems for cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery, the information of which has now been updated by Behr Hella Service. Similarly, all the required information can be permanently found ready to hand in the compressor app. Motor mechanics can then simply determine which types of refrigerant and compressor oils are needed and also which filling quantity is appropriate for the different kinds of vehicle air-conditioning systems.

Should components of the air-conditioning system have to be replaced, Behr Hella Service can supply all manner of air-conditioning products such as compressors, condensers and filter dryers in both Premium and Standard models. In January 2017 Behr Hella Service launched a new kind of product marking - its PREMIUM LINE. This labeling is now the hallmark of around 4,500 products which are manufactured by BEHR and also by other producers who have OE expertise at their fingertips.

Apart from all this technical expertise and a huge range of spare parts, Behr Hella Service also supports workshops by making customers aware of the advantages to be gained as a result of regular air-conditioning checkups. To this end, the company supplies a variety of advertising materials including outdoor banners, posters, flyers, counter display stands and many more.

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