Best Oil For 7.3 Powerstroke Engine in 2021: How Much Does it Take?

Why Get The Recommended Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke Engine?

When it comes to determining which oil is best for your 7.3 Powerstroke, you’ll find this guide extremely useful. If properly maintained, this powerful diesel engine has the potential to last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

It not only provides information on the engine, but also on the various car models that have used it throughout history. The viscosities that should be used, as well as the amount of oil needed for a fill-up of your oil tank, are also discussed.

Each section is critical, so make sure to thoroughly read through them all before proceeding.

What Makes The Best Oil for a 7.3 Powerstroke?

In terms of functionality and efficiency, not all oils are created equal. You’ll need to feed the righteous formula into your vehicle’s engine.

However, with so many options, making a decision is never easy. You must consider the following factors when looking for the best oil for 7.3 powerstroke diesel.


The most important consideration lies with engine specs. It is useless unless the diesel engine oil is suitable for your engine. Instead, it may cause serious problems with overall functionality. Even for 7.3 systems, there are several engine options.

You’ll need to consult the owner’s manual to determine whether the intended diesel engine oil is appropriate. Obviously, the formula chosen must include producer recommendations. When the manual is deficient in information, you should contact the manufacturer.


Coming to the oil itself, there are significant differences between the formulation. Though all of the best diesel oil for 7.3 Powerstroke is synthetic, there are some differences. There are three types available: fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and synthetic blend.

No additional oil mixes are used in full synthetic, which includes base oil with additives. However, semi-synthetic and synthetic blends contain a variety of oils. The latter two, in contrast to the pure one, contain impurities.


It’s indeed the ultimate parameter to understand the oil thickness. The overall thickness varies in relation to the working temperature. As a result, it has a direct impact on engine performance in adverse or extreme weather conditions.

It is preferable to use 5W-40 fluids for 7.3 Powerstroke oil viscosity. Aside from extending the operating temperature, it also aids in fuel economy.


The oil can barely prevent unwanted buildup inside the engine parts. However, most premium oils contain a number of additives that induce detergency.

Of course, not all additives are equally beneficial. Corrosion inhibitors, anti-wearing agents, powerful dispersants, effective antioxidants, and other additives are included in the best oil additive for 7.3 Powerstroke.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel oil

Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel oil is the best engine oil for 7.3 powerstroke. Here’s why it’s the best:

  • Reliable engine cleaning
  • Low-ash formula
  • Good value for money

The 7.3 Powerstroke engine Ford trucks prefer the 15W-40 viscosity. It meets the requirements of the engine and works in all climate conditions.

Because Shell Rotella is a popular choice among truck owners, this T5 Synthetic Blend diesel oil is also a popular choice for 7.3 Powerstroke engines. This is a heavy-duty oil that thoroughly cleans the pistons of the engine.

It also satisfies the low-emission requirements of nearly all US manufacturers. This essentially means that it will help reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

This oil is ideal for smooth cold starting, so it will function properly in subzero temperatures. This will work great whether you use the truck regularly or do a lot of heavy lifting.

It can withstand extreme heat and stress, making it ideal for commercial pickup trucks. Because of the synthetic base, it also provides significantly better wear protection than conventional oils.

7.3 Model Overview

The Powerstroke 7.3 is regarded as one of Ford’s most dependable diesel engines. It was started in 1997 to replace the 7.3 IDI engine, and it was a total redesign in terms of design and performance.

The engine is a turbocharged, direct-injection V8 diesel engine based on the T444E engine. The Powerstroke engines in Ford’s F-Series trucks helped them become the best-selling diesel trucks of their time.

The engine was used until 2004, when it was replaced by the Powerstroke 6.0 due to a growing demand for lower emissions and better fuel economy. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best diesel engines in pickup trucks, and it’s still visible after all these years.

The 7.3 Powerstroke oil type is 15W-40, which has remained consistent throughout all of its production years and is strictly adhered to. Other viscosities, however, are compatible with it and are used by many owners.

The diesel engine has not undergone any significant changes that would necessitate a different weight of oil over the years. As a result, the maintenance product specifications remained largely consistent across all models that used it.

Recommended Engine Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke by Manufacturer

The simplest way to find the best oil for 7.3 powerstroke is to consult its owner’s manual. The recommendation may differ for trucks equipped with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine, so consult the owner’s manual for your specific truck model.

For the same generation models, the recommendations are the same. Here’s what Ford recommends in the 2010 owner’s manual:

Viscocity Grade

Ford recommends SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30 viscosities for the 7.3 Powerstroke engine. It does, however, include a chart with viscosities and temperature conditions.

While 15W-40 and 10W-30 diesel engine oils are preferred, 5W-30 and 0W-30 are suitable for subzero temperatures.


The 7.3 Powerstroke engine requires 15 quarts or 14.2 liters. Three 5-quart bottles are sufficient to refill the entire engine.

Oil Specification

Since it’s a Ford engine meant for Ford applications, the recommended engine oil for 7.3 Powerstroke is Motorcraft 15W-40 Super Duty or Motorcraft 10W-30 Super Duty. WSS-M2C171-C, CH-4/SJ/SH is the Ford engine oil specification number.

You can use oil from another brand as long as it meets the Ford specifications. It also states that the following category designations should be avoided: SG, SH, CE, CF-4, or CG-4.

Top Rated Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke by Mileage

Let us also consider the mileage on the odometer, as this engine is found in trucks older than a decade and a half. If your engine is showing signs of wear, you might want to get something that is particularly effective at cleaning deposits and sealing the engine.

Shell Rotella appears to be a popular choice among Ford truck owners, regardless of mileage. However, owners are also using other brands such as Mobile and Royal Purple, implying that Ford’s proprietary Motorcraft isn’t all that popular.

Users recommend using a synthetic or synthetic blend in any compatible brand for high-mileage trucks, but they don’t specify any viscosity specifically for high-mileage trucks.

Ford trucks powered by the 7.3 Powerstroke engine can easily go over 300,000 miles, so the high-mileage benchmark for these trucks is higher than the standard 75k.

Users also recommend changing the engine oil and filter every 5000 miles to keep high-mileage trucks running smoothly.

Best Engine Oil Type for 7.3 Powerstroke in 2021 Review

1. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40

The Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 diesel engine is the best overall choice for all Ford trucks equipped with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine. It can keep the engine’s critical parts clean, allowing it to run efficiently.

The formula was created specifically to keep the diesel engine clean. Because it is the recommended viscosity, it can also be used in very high-mileage trucks. It is not a fully synthetic oil, but it is superior to conventional oils. This is ideal for powerful diesel engines such as the 7.3 Powerstroke.

It satisfies the low-emissions requirements, so you may be able to use it in states with stringent emission regulations. With a cleaner engine, the engine may use less fuel.


  • SAE: 15W-40
  • API: CK-4
  • Brand: Shell Rotella


  • Fully compatible with specifications
  • Works in low temperatures
  • Deep engine cleaning and sealing

2. Delo 400 XLE SynBlend Synthetic Blend 15W-40

The API CK-4/SN specifications are met by Chevron’s Delo 400 XLE SynBlend Synthetic Blend 15W-40 diesel motor oil. If you want to reduce emissions, this is the best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke.

The premium quality synthetic blend formula is ideal for trucks that don’t do a lot of stop-and-go driving and mostly travel on highways. This diesel oil’s IsoSyn Advanced Technology ensures longer life and prevents breakdown.

This is ideal for turbocharged diesel engines because it efficiently cleans the pistols, improving engine performance. It also meets the cleanliness standards because it is Isoclinal certified.

This 7.3 Powerstroke synthetic oil is also preventative in nature. It will keep all of the engine’s critical components operating as they should.


  • SAE: 15W-40
  • API: CK-4
  • Brand: Delo


  • Protects engine
  • Great for highways
  • Reduces emissions

3. Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30

If you want to go with a 10W-30 viscosity, the Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend diesel engine oil is a great option. It’s also the most cost-effective option for 7.3 Powerstroke engines.

This oil outperforms conventional diesel oils and thus improves engine performance. If you change the oil on a regular basis, it will help keep the pistons clean and ensure minimal maintenance.

It is suitable for both low-mileage and high-mileage Ford trucks. It satisfies the requirements for diesel engines in the United States and Europe. It’s ideal for cold starts in temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to improve fuel economy, this has the potential to help by reducing friction.


  • SAE: 10W-30
  • Fuel Economy Capability: 1.6%
  • Brand: Shell Rotella


  • Through engine cleaning
  • T5 Advanced Formula
  • Fully compatible

4. Genuine Ford Motorcraft 15W-40 Super Duty

Genuine Ford Motorcraft 15W-40 Super Duty Diesel Oil is the manufacturer’s recommendation and thus the most secure option. It satisfies all of the manufacturer’s specifications.

It’s designed specifically for Powerstroke diesel engines, making it the best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine trucks. Also, this is best suited to warm climates, so if you live in the South or Southwest, this is an excellent choice.

This will also work for trucks with over 200,000 miles, as Ford recommends this oil for 7.3 powerstroke engine’s lifetime. It will aid in the removal of deposits and sludges, keeping the engine clean. The oil does not degrade and lasts the entire interval specified by the manufacturer.


  • SAE: 15W-40
  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Brand: Ford


  • Recommended by Ford
  • Increases engine life
  • Cleans deposits

5. Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40

The Valvoline Premium Blue 15W-40 diesel motor oil satisfies the 7.3 Powerstroke specifications. It’s also ideal for high-mileage trucks, as Valvoline is one of the best oil brands on the market.

This is a one-solution formula that is applicable to both diesel and gasoline engines. It’s conventional oil, so it’s ideal for old trucks that have only run on conventional oils their entire lives. If you want to stick with conventional oil, this is the way to go.

It offers consistent oxidation resistance and keeps the engine running smoothly. It works especially well with American diesel engines.


  • SAE: 15W-40
  • Average Fuel Economy: 7.0 mpg or higher
  • Brand: Valvoline™


  • Made in the US
  • High-quality conventional oil
  • High compatibility

6. Shell Rotella 5W-40 – T6 Synthetic Blend

Shell Rotella T6 is a shear-stable variant designed for maximum performance. It not only provides adequate protection and durability, but it also provides excellent fuel economy. According to the manufacturer, this oil significantly reduces engine wear.

The primary reason for this oil’s widespread use is that it has a consistent viscosity. Because of the high viscosity, your 7.3 Powerstroke engine will start right up, even at low temperatures. The best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engines after T5 is Mobil 1.

The oil has a high disintegration resistance and provides long-term protection for the motor. It, like the T5 variant, has excellent deposit control.


  • Shear stability resists viscosity loss
  • Compatible with emission systems
  • Works great in low temperatures

7. Schaeffer Manufacturing SynShield 15W-40

This oil was created specifically for use in hard-working heavy-duty diesel engines. It is made up of a blend of advanced wear-resistant additives and anti-oxidant compounds. It also has the SynShield durability advantage, which provides extreme-performance protection, allowing your engine to run for much longer.

This lubricant forms a long-lasting film coating on metal surfaces, preventing frictional wear and high temperatures. Furthermore, the oil is designed to withstand breakdown due to heavy usage, resulting in less deposits. According to user feedback, it aids in the reduction of both fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Very good wear protection
  • Viscosity and oxidation controlled
  • Meets API CK-4 specs


  • Quality not ensured

8. Royal Purple 15W40 Duralec Super Synthetic Oil

ROYAL PURPLE’s 7.3 Powerstroke synthetic oil has been approved by API for use in Powerstroke engines. It’s a blend of premium base oils and additives, just like so many others, to create high-performance motor oils. This 15W40 diesel engine oil boosts the Powerstroke’s overall performance.

It also offers superior protection and performance improvements in both diesel and gasoline engines. The oil satisfies the ILSAC GF5 and Dexos1 performance requirements. It contributes to lower overall fuel consumption and emissions. Reduced internal friction and wear on engine components extends engine life.


  • Standard wear protection
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with synthetic & conventional oils


  • Can create performance issues

Top Recommended 7.3 PowerStroke Oil Type By Year

Here are some specific oil recommendations by year and model:


The 1996 Ford F350 7.3 Powerstroke, which was one of the earlier models with this engine, takes the 15W-40 oil. In colder climates, 10W-30 is a better option.

  • Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil
  • Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 Diesel Motor Oil


For the 2001 model of Ford F350, the oil recommendations remained the same. So you should opt for either 15W-40 or 10W-30 as per the conditions where you live or even personal preference.

  • Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil
  • Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W-30 Diesel Motor Oil

FORD E-450 OIL TYPE (1994 TO 2003)

The iconic Ford E-450 truck used the 7.3 Powerstroke diesel engine for its fourth-generation model variants, from 1994 to 2003, when the engine was replaced the following year. These truck models take the recommended 15W-40 diesel oil.

  • Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Motor Oil
  • Motorcraft 15W-40 Super Blend Diesel Motor Oil

Buyer’s Guide for Buying The Best Oil for 7.3 Powerstroke

Here’s everything you need to know before buying the engine oil for 7.3 powerstroke:


The 7.3 powerstroke oil capacity of the 7.3 Powerstroke is 15 quarts. The 7.3 powerstroke oil capacity remains constant regardless of the model or year of the truck equipped with this engine.


Ford recommends changing oil every 200 engine hours. However, because measuring engine hours is difficult, the mileage intervals are 5000 miles.

Some people change the engine oil when the odometer reaches 3000 miles. However, this is dependent on how you intend to use it. In general, you should change the engine oil every 5000 miles, but no more.


The 7.3 Powerstroke engine oil change does not necessitate a large number of tools or time. The instructions can be found in your owner’s manual, but for more detailed instructions, consult a tutorial.

PowerStroke Model Overview

The 7.3 Powerstroke is a turbocharged diesel engine trademarked by ‘Ford’. It has a hydraulic electric unit injection system that builds fuel pressure into the injection chamber using compressed engine oil. Quite the opposite of a standard injector.

According to the PowerstrokeHub, the 1994-1998 models were equipped with a ‘ZS S5-47 5′ manual transmission and a ‘Ford E4OD 4′ automatic transmission. However, in 1999-2003 models, they were replaced by ‘ZF S6-650 6′ manual and ‘Ford 4R110 4′ auto transmission systems.

The injector coding of the Powerstroke engine changed from 1994 to 2003. Despite the fact that they all used ‘A’ code injectors, the type and flow rate varied from year to year.

Early models used single-shot injectors until 1997, when split shot injectors were introduced in 1997-1999 models. The international model with high torque had single-shot injectors but a high flow rate. During the same period, the flow rate increased from 98cc to 130cc.

After 1997, all Powerstroke engines came standard with split shot injectors with a maximum flow rate of 140cc.

The most significant change to this engine, however, occurred in 2003. The world required something more fuel-efficient and low-emitting. As a result, Ford introduced the 6.0L model, which completely replaced the 7.3L model by 2004.

However, the oil requirement for the 7.3 Powerstroke has remained constant over the years. 15 quarts of 15W40 diesel oil

This may be useful if you want to learn more about the 7.3 Powerstroke.


What is the 7.3 Powerstroke oil capacity?

Approximately 15 quarts 13 quarts are poured into the crankcase, and 2 quarts are poured into the oil filter.

What are the 7.3 Powerstroke oil change intervals?

It is recommended that 7.3 Powerstroke engine oil be changed every 5000-7000 miles.

How to change 7.3 Powerstroke engine oil?

This is how it is done. Before changing the oil, make sure you have the correct 7.3 Powerstroke oil type.

How to define high mileage on an engine?

It’s really that simple. It is considered low if your engine travels less than 12k miles per year. As a result, exceeding 60K miles in 5 years is considered high.

Can I use high mileage oils in a low mileage engine?

You certainly can. They save fuel and reduce emissions significantly.

Remember that the 7.3 Powerstroke is an older Ford model, but it is a fantastic diesel engine. So, when changing the engine oil, make certain that the oil meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Use oils that boost the engine, use less fuel, and emit less pollution.

To summarize, manufacturers recommend a 15W40 best oil for 7.3 regular and high-temperature areas. A 5W40 oil, on the other hand, will perform better in cold northern regions. Furthermore, there is no harm in switching seasons.

Conclusion: Get Yours Now!

We hope that by the end of this review and buyers guide, you will understand what all of the terms on the product actually mean. We hope to decipher the complicated acronyms and strange formulas that are freely displayed on packaging with little explanation.

When it’s time for your next oil change, go ahead and do it! If you use a local dealership or garage, insist on having your oil changed with the oils and filters you prefer. If they insist on doing the oil change on their terms, take advantage of your freedom to shop around.

The Archoil AR9100 friction modifier is highly recommended and has been shown to cure and prevent stiction-related injector problems. Although it raises the cost of an oil change, it has advantages even when used infrequently (every other oil change, for example). Injector life will be extended when used in conjunction with a high-quality synthetic motor oil.

To summarize, conventional engine oils are becoming obsolete. You don’t have to use synthetic oil, but there are some advantages to doing so.

Regular filter replacement, along with oil changes, is essential for reaching the 500,000 mile mark on your 7.3 powerstroke engine. Don’t even think about changing the oil unless you’ve changed the oil filter first.

The truth is that expensive oils are expensive for a reason. They shield your engine and make it last longer. Oil companies compete fiercely to outperform one another, so they don’t skimp on additives and high-quality synthetic products.

Here’s a treat for you! Did you know that many non-dealership garages use the cheapest oil available? Yes, especially if you’re a female driver, the assumption is that you’re unaware of the different oils and don’t care!

As a result, up to 50% of people COULD be duped! I, the reviewer, briefly worked for such an unscrupulous garage and witnessed firsthand. In the storeroom, there is the best oil for 7.3 powerstroke for both men and women!

Synthetic oils, unlike any other, have become a widely accepted standard for modern hard-working engines. And, of course, having the best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke will improve performance.

Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine Oil appears to be the best oil for 7.3 Powerstroke among the aforementioned options. The fluid is ready to demonstrate its worth by providing unrivaled functionality with minimal issues. It improves engine efficiency, lowering your fuel consumption.

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