Best Oil for Toyota Corolla in 2021: Which To Buy?

Why Get The Top Rated Oil for Toyota Corolla?

To ensure that the Toyota Corolla E15 engine lasts as long as possible and verifies the reliability of Japanese engines, it must be properly maintained. Toyota Corolla engine oil, like other ICEs, is not something you can save money on.

As a result, using the proper oil guarantees that the Toyota Corolla engine runs smoothly and extends the life of its individual components (of course, not only engine oil affects the reliability of the engine).

Unsuitable oil, such as one with a lower or higher viscosity, might result in costly repairs, which is always undesirable. This is especially true for Toyota Corolla 15 diesel engines, which are extremely susceptible to engine oil of the wrong type.

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) problem can be caused by incorrectly specified diesel engine oil. The key factor for choosing oil is the ambient temperature in which the car is operated, as well as the operating conditions, which influence the choice of oil with a specific viscosity.

Viscocity and Type of Toyota Corolla Oil

Modern Toyota engines often use low viscosity synthetic oils, which are less thick, minimize engine friction, reduce wear, and contribute to improved fuel economy.

These oils include 5W-30 engine oil, which is used by the majority of Corolla E150 owners, and in some climates, it may be used as a multigrade and pumped into the engine all year.

Despite the fact that 5W-30 oil is regarded as the best for Japanese engines, we recommend that you specify the recommended oil particularly for your Toyota Corolla engine (environment + load) by number and engine model before filling.

So, what is the best oil for Toyota Corolla? This article was intended to assist you in selecting the correct engine oil for your Toyota Corolla based on the car model generation, year of production, and mileage of the Toyota Corolla.

You’ll learn which oil Toyota recommends, what viscosities are appropriate, and under what situations. This article is fairly user-centric, so you’ll learn what other Toyota Corolla enthusiasts have used throughout the years.

Engine Oil for Toyota Corolla Recommended by Manufacturer

When selecting engine oil for Toyota Corolla, it is best to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the official suggestion. While you will undoubtedly find technical specifications, some manuals will even propose brands, removing any guesswork.

Because the Toyota Corolla has been around for a long time, recommendations may alter from year to year, and even from generation to generation. According to the Toyota Corolla 2013 owner’s manual:


Toyota recommends SAE 0W-20 motor oil, which is excellent for cold starting. It does, however, state that if the specified oil viscosity is not available, 5W-20 will suffice. Both 0W-20 and 5W-20 are suitable for the 2.4-liter engine. However, you should try to stay to the manufacturer’s advice of 0W-20.


The oil capacity for the 1.8-liter engine is 4.4 quarts, and the 2.4-liter engine is 4.0 quarts with a filter, according to the owner’s handbook. As a result, a 5-quart bottle should be plenty to replenish.


Toyota Genuine Motor Oil or an approved alternative, which is API-certified, is the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil for the Toyota Corolla. It should also be ILSAC- GF multigrade oil. Most common brands, such as Valvoline, Pennzoil, Mobil1, and Castrol, suit Toyota’s standards.

Recommended Oil for Toyota Corolla by Mileage

Mileage should also be taken into account, especially if you have an older Toyota Corolla with a lot of miles on the odometer.

SAE 0W-20 engine oil is recommended for Toyota Corolla with low mileage. Although Toyota officially recommends its own proprietary oil (Toyota Genuine Motor Oil), customers argue it is not required. It appears to be significantly more expensive than comparable name-brand counterparts.

In the case of a high-mileage Toyota Corolla, you should use 5W-30 oil viscosity if the vehicle is older than 2009. If you’ve been using high-quality synthetic oil, the common belief is that you don’t need to switch to a high-mileage type.

If you do decide to change, Mobil 1 synthetic high-mileage motor oil is the best oil for Toyota Corolla with high mileage. It’s a favorite among Toyota Corolla owners with a lot of miles on the clock.

Conventional oil was more typically utilized in older models. Upgrading to a synthetic blend or full-synthetic motor oil may make more sense, but it’s preferable to consult an expert who can make a suggestion based on mileage, model, and engine condition.

Although high-mileage begins at 75,000 miles, you can continue to use standard motor oil at the specified viscosity. However, if you have a car with more than 150k miles on it and your engine is starting to show signs of difficulty, you should consider switching to a high-mileage model of your favorite brand.

Engine Oil Grades for Toyota Corolla

Modern automobiles are designed with special lubricants in mind. The properties of oil are critical for the safe and smooth operation of an engine. High-quality oil alone is insufficient for long-term engine operation.

Oil change intervals must also be maintained, and motor oil should be checked and changed on a regular basis. These intervals are specified in original equipment manufacturer recommendations (OEM). You should think about the model of your vehicle, its mechanical condition, and how you drive it.

How to Choose The Best Toyota Corolla Motor Oil?

  1. Choose motor oil based on Toyota’s recommendations (should be indicated in the service book of your Toyota Corolla car).
  2. Use motor oil that has previously been used in your Toyota Corolla engine (data must be entered in the service book).
  3. Choose motor oil based on engine oil manufacturer recommendations and Toyota tolerances;

Recommended Toyota Corolla Motor Oil

For your Toyota Corolla, we propose using engine oil SAE 5W-30, 5W-20, 0W-20 with the standard ILSAC GF-5, ILSAC GF-6. ILSAC GF-5 oils are designed to increase fuel efficiency and performance in a range of areas, including protection of pistons against deposits at high temperatures and improved protection against engine sludge formation in Toyota Corolla engines.

The best motor oils meet the most sophisticated ILSAC GF-5 standard established by the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC), allowing them to exceed Toyota’s criteria.

Which Engine Oil is The Best for Toyota Corolla in 2021? – Honest Review

Toyota has been producing the compact sedan Toyota Corolla since 1966. This is the Japanese automobile giant’s first worldwide model, which was sold all over the world. Modern Toyota Corolla vehicles are typically equipped with 1.3 – 2.0 liter gasoline and diesel engines, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, or variators.

What motor oil to put in the Toyota Corolla engine depends on the car’s modifications and operating conditions. In this article, we’ve selected some universal oils that are suited for the vast majority of Toyota Corolla models. Here are some of the most popular oils on the market, along with brief explanations.

Toyota Corolla Engine Oil 0W-20

We propose engine oil viscosity 0W-20, ILSAC GF-5, ILSAC GF-6 specification for new Toyota Corolla automobiles with fewer than 75,000 miles.

1. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor Oil

The Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-20 is our first pick for the best oil for Toyota Corolla. If your car already has high mileage, this oil is the way to go! Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic oil has outstanding additives that will surely boost the performance of your Toyota Corolla engine at a low cost.

The greatest unique feature of Pennzoil oils, including this one, is that they are made of gasoline rather than crude oil. As a result, they are less polluted and perform better.

This SAE 0W-20 full synthetic oil is designed to offer a high-quality base motor oil by combining the unique PurePlus gas-to-liquid technology with a high-performance additive system, which transforms pure natural gas into a high grade, full synthetic base oil.

This high-quality base oil is 99.5 percent pure, has fewer contaminants than base oils made from crude oil, and when paired with advanced additive technology produces one of Pennzoil’s top formulas.

The additives reduce leaks and oil burn-offs, which are common in older engines or engines with faulty seals. This also helps to improve the efficiency and performance of your engine.

Pennzoil’s oil ensures that your Toyota Corolla engine functions properly by keeping pistons up to 50% cleaner than standard synthetic oil by the toughest industry standards-based on Sequence IIIH engine test results. So, if you’re looking for a clean Corolla engine, this is the one to go with.

It also aids in the protection against the consequences of low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) in modern turbocharged engines. Pennzoil Platinum oil, unlike other oils, functions admirably in turbocharged engines!

The great thing about this 0W-20 motor oil is that it protects against the weather. It’s difficult to find oil with this much weather resistance!

Furthermore, Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20 motor oil provides unsurpassed wear protection by preventing engine parts from coming into contact.

By using this motor oil, you can extend the interval by 550 miles, saving you money over time.

Pennzoil is the factory fill oil for a reason: it is a very pure full synthetic oil that meets or exceeds API SP and ILSAC GF-6A requirements. It’s also not too expensive. Although it may not be the best oil for low-mileage vehicles, you will be hard pressed to find a better oil for older vehicles with high mileage than Pennzoil!


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • High-quality oil
  • Certified as carbon-neutral
  • Excellent low-temperature oil flow
  • Good for tough driving circumstances


  • Not the best for low mileage car

2. Mobil 1 0W-20 Advanced Fuel Economy

Another well-known and recognized brand is Mobil 1. They’ve been making high-quality oils for a long time and never fail to impress. Their oil lineup includes high-performance as well as fuel-efficient products like this one.

Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy 0W-20 Synthetic oil is designed to help improve fuel efficiency in vehicles that use SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 motor oil.

It is an advanced full synthetic motor oil that is designed to provide excellent engine protection while also improving fuel economy. The product can extend the Corolla engine’s life and give you the optimum driving experience for your vehicle. It meets or exceeds the standards of ILSAC GF-5.

This Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil has special additives as well as a high-performance synthetic base. As a result, the car engine is adequately protected. This feature sets it apart as one of the most dependable motor oils on the market.

The 0W-20 Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy motor oil is built using a proprietary blend of high-performance synthetic base stocks and a carefully balanced component additive system. The advanced full synthetic composition with low viscosity helps to improve engine performance and fuel economy.

The full synthetic 0W-20 oil protects higher viscosity oils at high temperatures while providing the best fuel economy in the Mobil 1 series. Based on a comparison with the most regularly used grades, it can help improve fuel economy by up to 2%. Actual savings vary according to vehicle/engine type, outside temperature, driving conditions, and current motor.

This one is suited for use in extremely cold temperatures due to its low viscosity. There will be few to no cold start issues. As a result, if you live in a location where the temperature is below zero degrees Fahrenheit, this product is suitable for daily usage.

Mobil 1 claims to be able to provide you with a guaranteed 10,000 mile interval, which can help you save a lot of money. This oil is effective in both cold and hot areas, with quick cold weather starting which contributes to engine longevity.

What I enjoy about Mobil 1 synthetic 0W-20 oil is its superior oxidation and heat stability. It matures at a very gradual rate while significantly boosting engine efficiency.

This Mobil 1 0W-20 full synthetic motor oil will be really beneficial if you are particularly concerned with lowering your fuel costs. It’s a popular choice among Toyota owners.


  • ACEA A1/B1
  • API CF, SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Intervals can be increased
  • Temperature tolerance at high and low temperatures


  • Expensive
  • Some engine brands have compatibility difficulties

3. Castrol Edge 0W-20 Advanced

Castrol EDGE is the most advanced engine oil available from Castrol. It is a premium full synthetic oil developed for customers who expect the best performance from their vehicles. Leading automobile manufacturers prefer Castrol EDGE.

The Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil is ideal for all Toyota Corolla models with high mileage.

Castrol EDGE 0W-20 full synthetic oil is designed with fluid titanium technology, which physically alters the oil’s behavior under pressure. Pressures in today’s engines have nearly doubled over the previous three decades as a result of growing demand for performance and fuel economy. More pressure means additional stress on the oil and the possibility of more friction.

Metal-on-metal contact creates wear and lowers performance as it increases. The pressure beneath the hood might exceed 10 tons per square centimeter. That’s the equivalent of five cars resting on a high heel and relying solely on a tiny thin layer of oil for protection. As a result, a strong oil is required to reduce friction and aid enhance horsepower and fuel economy.

Castrol EDGE 0W-20 motor oil is created with fluid titanium technology, which physically modifies the way the oil behaves under pressure to combat the increasing pressures found in today’s engines. Castrol’s unique titanium technology has proven performance in friction reduction, anti-wear, and deposit control. Titanium-based technology ensures durability and strength.

Furthermore, the 0W-20 motor oil meets API SN, ILSAC GF-5, ACEA A1/B1, GM dexos1 standards.

The better GDI Turbo formula might assist you in getting the most out of your vehicle. If you’re doing a lot of work with your Toyota Corolla, this oil is an even better option. In general, it is the best 0W-20 synthetic oil for Toyota vehicles.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5
  • ACEA A1/B1
  • GM dexos1


  • Effective deposit removal
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
  • Engine protection
  • Titanium additive for improved performance
  • Improved mileage


  • The nozzle of the bottle is not retractable
  • It doesn’t last long

4. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20

For more than a decade, SAE 0W-20 has been the recommended and commonly used oil viscosity for Toyota Corolla.

When it comes to engine oils, Valvoline is a household name in the United States. Their oils are made in the United States and adhere to high quality requirements.

Toyota Corolla is a reliable automobile that people in both cities and suburbia prefer. It is simply designed to run without much maintenance and to last longer, but this is only achievable if you use high-quality engine oil.

Valvoline Advanced Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil is fully synthetic, resulting in greater quality. It can help to avoid wear and tear, especially in vehicles that travel more than 1000 miles per month.

The formula is intended for hardworking vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla. Regardless of mileage, you may use this oil to keep it running smoothly.

Ultra-low viscosity oils, such as this 0W-20 oil, are designed for use in areas where extreme cold necessitates the use of a highly specialized lubricant.

This 0W-20 full synthetic oil for Toyota Corolla is primarily intended for use in cold areas. It provides protection under extreme operating circumstances while also delivering high-level performance. In cold starts, the oil allows for an “instant flow,” allowing for immediate smooth running and optimal fuel consumption under these conditions.

The oil contains unique chemicals that prevent the formation of varnishes, sludge, and other harmful deposits.

Because of the viscosity characteristics, the oil is not suggested for use in hot climates, under high load driving circumstances, or in engines with high mileage and hence a high level of wear.

The oil is suitable for use in diesel, gasoline, LPG and hybrid engines. It is intended to meet the current criteria of leading engine manufacturers.

The Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20 oil is a low-cost oil that promises to improve fuel economy and performance. It is suitable for all Toyota Corolla cars manufactured after 2009.

This 0W-20 oil will suit your Corolla engine’s needs whether you idle a lot on city streets or drive on freeways. The formula is specifically developed to improve the performance of hardworking vehicles.

Because of its compatibility, extreme weather tolerance, and value for money, it is the best overall engine oil choice for Toyota Corolla. This is API-certified and approved by Dexos.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Increased mileage
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Excellent anti-wear additives
  • Cleans engine


  • Difficult to use oil canister

5. Castrol Edge Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 Advanced

Engine technology advancements have resulted in improved power and efficiency, requiring engines to operate harder and under higher pressures than ever before. The only thing holding metal engine components together is the oil, thus it must be and remain robust.

There has never been an oil that could harness the natural lubricating capabilities of plants while also providing the high degree of performance required by today’s automotive engines.

Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil is Eco-Engineered to blend Fluid Titanium Technology with plants’ natural lubricating capabilities. Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic is Titanium strong and renewable because it is made with 25% sugarcane derived oil compounds.

Castrol EDGE Bio-Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil provides you the confidence to expect maximum engine performance from today’s modern, sports, performance, and luxury automobiles, as well as those that require a high level of protection.

This oil reduces metal-to-metal contact at a variety of driving speeds. Even under tremendous pressure, the Corolla engine is protected for the duration of the drain interval. It reduces engine deposit formation to improve engine response.

It exceeds manufacturer’s warranty criteria for API SN (Resource Conserving) and ILSAC GF-5 applications.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Reduced volatility
  • Improved engine performance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Reasonable prices
  • Excellent cleaning ability
  • All-season oil


  • Only 1 quart jugs are available
  • Hard to find offline

6. Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20

Idemitsu has collaborated with some of the world’s major vehicle manufacturers to create technologically enhanced engine oils that provide the best fuel economy.

In some of the most rigorous operating circumstances, Idemitsu engine oils provide better wear prevention.

The unique blend of high-quality synthetic base oil and high-performance additive components allows engines to achieve maximum efficiency, torque, and horsepower, reduce friction and improve lubricant flow properties, resulting in the best possible fuel economy.

This 0W-20 engine oil incorporates one-of-a-kind and potent additive components to give superior engine wear protection. Even under harsh testing conditions, it reduces the production of deposits.

Idemitsu is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly, energy-efficient products. This goal is met by the Idemitsu 0W-20 engine oil, which reduces vehicle greenhouse gas emissions while also safeguarding emission control systems and lowering gasoline usage.

The fully synthetic formulation of this 0W-20 oil for Toyota Corolla with robust additive technology has the ability to increase oil drain intervals, hence lowering waste oil generation.

It is engineered to have extremely low volatility and maximum piston cleanliness, resulting in reduced oil burn-off and emissions.

Idemitsu engine oils have received the highest ILSAC-GF 5 grade standard, which incorporates fuel efficiency into the API standard, which is an indicator of engine oil grade. They deliver the greatest standards of quality and environmental performance in the world.

Remember to verify that you obtain the correct oil for your Toyota Corolla by consulting the owner’s manual.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Exceptional engine cleaning
  • Reduces emissions
  • Additives with no friction
  • Compatibility with a wide range of engines


  • Only available for petrol cars

Toyota Corolla Engine Oil 5W-20

We propose engine oil viscosity 5w-20, ILSAC GF-5, ILSAC GF-6 specification for new Toyota Corolla automobiles with fewer than 75,000 miles.

7. Toyota Genuine SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Genuine Toyota Genuine 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil provides outstanding performance. Not all motor oils are the same. Today’s advanced engine systems necessitate the use of a lubricant specifically formulated to optimize engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce engine deposits.

Many new Toyota cars have received certification for a new zero weight synthetic lubricant standard (SAE 5W-20). You’ll receive more with genuine Toyota 5W-20 synthetic motor oil…

The 5W-20 oil is a synthetic oil with a low viscosity that is designed to offer uniform lubrication and reduce friction throughout the engine, hence increasing engine performance.

5W-20 engine oil is lighter than conventional engine oil and bathes your engine’s moving parts evenly and uniformly, resulting in less wear and tear, improved thermal stability, and enhanced engine efficiency. Get more miles per gallon as Genuine Toyota 5W-20 oil improves fuel efficiency by boosting the efficiency of your engine’s oil flow and minimizing friction.

Low-viscosity lubrication also improves engine performance across a wide temperature range. A faster oil flow to critical parts, especially in cold weather, will result in speedier starts and greater overall engine protection.

Genuine Toyota 5W-20 synthetic motor oil contributes to minimize overall ownership costs by allowing for longer oil change intervals. Oil changes should also be determined by driving behavior and weather conditions.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Manufacturer’s choice
  • Full synthetic oil
  • 4 point depressants
  • All grades meet APR standards
  • Universal Toyota compatibility


  • A bit expensive

Toyota Corolla Engine Oil 5W-30

We propose engine oil viscosity 5W-30, ILSAC GF-5, ILSAC GF-6 specification for new Toyota Corolla automobiles with fewer than 100,000 miles.

8. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic 5W-30

There’s hardly much to say about Mobil that hasn’t already been said – they’re an absolute giant in the oil industry, having been researching and producing synthetic oils since the 1960s. Numerous oil analysis experiments have since been done by customers and vehicle enthusiasts, all of which have contributed to highlight the fact that Mobil 1 family lubricants outperform the majority of competitors.

Its one-of-a-kind formula measures fully refined synthetic molecules, so there’s no need to worry about chemical power or hygiene. This Mobil 1 Extended Performance SAE 5W-30 motor oil aids in the prevention of deposits and sludge build-up, resulting in a longer engine life.

The Mobil 1 SAE 5W-30 oil meets the most recent API SN PLUS Resource Conserving requirements, which means it provides higher fuel economy, fewer emissions, increased turbocharger protection, and compatibility with ethanol fuels up to E85.

Furthermore, the 5W-30 motor oil is GM dexos1 Gen2 licensed, demonstrating its outstanding extreme-heat stability. Aside from that, it meets ILSAC GF-6 requirements to provide low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and timing chain wear protection while keeping your engine clean and assisting in fuel economy.

That sounds fantastic, but I’m sure you’d prefer the statistics to speak for themselves, so here they are: Mobil 1 SAE 5W-30 Extended Performance engine oil lasts up to 20,000 miles between oil changes.

This Mobil 1 5W-30 engine oil provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability. With the control of oxidation, it prevents oil breakdown and maintains stable oil viscosity. It offers excellent internal engine heat protection (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit) as well as low temperature protection (to -30 degrees F)

The 5W-30 oil has outstanding overall lubrication and wear protection performance under a wide range of operating conditions. It also has outstanding low temperature capabilities with quick cold weather starting for swift protection and extended engine life.

Overall, Mobil 1’s SAE 5W-30 Extended Performance is, unsurprisingly, one of the best 5W-30 engine oils for the Toyota Corolla on the market.


  • API SN


  • Superb chemical stability
  • Fully synthetic base-stocks
  • Prolonged engine service life
  • Exceptional oil spill control
  • Oxidation and temperature stability


  • Expensive

9. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

Seven out of every ten new vehicles now require synthetic motor oil, and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with PurePlus® Technology 5W-30 is exceeding expectations and breaking new ground in this expanding demand for synthetic motor oil.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with PurePlus® Technology 5W-30 motor oil, the same motor oil you may use in your own vehicle, is used on the racetrack by Hélio Castroneves in his No. 3 Verizon IndyCar Chevrolet.

The greatest distinguishing feature of Pennzoil oils, including this one, is that they are made of gasoline rather than crude oil. As a result, they are less contaminated and perform better.

Because it is a 5W-30 full synthetic oil, it protects your engine and thoroughly cleans the pistons. It collects all impurities that have become deposited on the engine while ensuring normal engine functionality.

There is no other superior motor oil on the market that provides higher wear protection (Based on Sequence IVA wear test using SAE 5W-30).

​​According to the manufacturer, this 5W-30 oil for Toyota Corolla provides 550 miles each year, which is a really great result. In terms of better fuel economy, no other synthetic oil can compete with Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30 motor oil.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 engine oil provides total protection without sacrificing performance by utilizing PurePlus® Technology, a unique way of turning natural gas into a 99.5 percent pure base oil and mixing it with high performance additives.

Its 5W-30 viscosity ensures the best lubrication for your Toyota Corolla engine by producing a thick layer of protection between the engine components.

The 5W-30 oil exceeds the standards of the ILSAC GF-5 engine cleansing and protection. There is no other synthetic that keeps your engine cleaner.

Furthermore, it should be effective regardless of the temperature of the surrounding environment. You don’t have to be concerned about the engine oil becoming too thick when it’s too cold or too thin when it’s really hot.

Because this 5W-30 engine oil is fairly priced, you get a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

All in all you should be confident in its performance if you use it. Pennzoil Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil is unrivaled in terms of keeping your Toyota Corolla engines lubricated because it is inexpensive, recyclable, and very portable.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Meets API SN, ILSAC GF-5, and Dexos
  • Better fuel economy
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Fully synthetic


  • Even if it is less expensive than the competitors, engine oil is still pricey

10. Castrol GTX Magnatec 5W-30

The next best oil for Toyota Corolla comes from the Brand Castrol. Castrol has outdone itself yet again in terms of product variety, this time with one of the GTX Magnatec lines. Another example of a product designed to extend the life of your Toyota Corolla engine is the Castrol GTX Magnatec 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil.

The Castrol GTX Magnatec 5W-30 Full Synthetic oil meets the specifications of pre-2009 Toyota Corolla vehicles. Its GDI Turbo formula keeps the engine clean, making it suitable for high-mileage vehicles.

The GTX Magnatec 5W-30 is intended to minimize engine wear significantly. Furthermore, it reduces friction four times as much as advised. The Sequence IVA exam was used to demonstrate this. Castrol GTX 5W-30 , like the last oil, has gone above and beyond to provide you with performance that is better than suggested.

Cheaper alternatives, despite operating similarly, drastically reduce engine life. As a result, sticking with well-known brands is usually the best option.
Another big issue with oils is that when exposed to high temperatures, they begin to break down. The drain interval is reduced as a result. This 5W-30 Castrol oil, on the other hand, is made to endure extreme temperatures.

If you want an oil that will not accumulate sludge, go for one that is fully synthetic. Sludge can thicken and solidify over time, generating deposits. These deposits restrict the flow of oil, significantly lowering the engine’s horsepower production. You won’t have to worry about it anymore using this 5W-30 engine oil.

Even under harsh situations, this Toyota synthetic oil 5W-30 provides a smooth flow. It is also the most affordable oil for Toyota Corolla vehicles that accept this 5W-30 viscosity.

This 5W-30 oil is dexos-approved and API-certified, and Toyota recommends it as well. This has the potential to boost fuel economy as well as protect your aged engine. It is easily usable in automobiles with over 75,000 miles on them.

The oil was leaking, as we discovered. Despite the fact that the number of persons who had this experience was very limited, it is plausible.

Overall, if you want to keep your Toyota Corolla running smoothly, this 5W-30 engine oil can assist. It offers dependable protection for the engine’s most critical components. It’s also the best budget 5W-30 oil because it’s inexpensive.


  • API SN
  • ILSAC GF-5


  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Fully synthetic formula
  • Sludge and wear resistance


  • Leaking issues

Toyota Corolla Engine Oil 10W-30

11. Valvoline High Mileage with Maxlife Technology SAE 10W-30

Friction and high temperatures cause leaks, deposits, and sludge that reduce the life of your engine, even if you don’t notice it until 75,000 miles. That’s why you need MaxLife, the world’s first high mileage oil formulated particularly to extend the life of your engine.

This high mileage synthetic blend motor oil with Maxlife Technology meets all of the specific criteria of modern high-mileage engines. The high mileage oil works to revitalize your aging engine by removing the gunk that has collected over a lifetime of use. You will notice an immediate improvement in engine system functionality.

You’ll benefit from both full synthetic and conventional oils. The mechanically blended formula exhibits exceptional molecular structural homogeneity. As a result, a quick change at startup leads to improved engine performance.

Its innovative synthetic blend recipe provides greater wear prevention, special seal conditioners, extra detergents, and antioxidants, all of which help to extend engine life.

By incorporating increased anti-wear and tear additives, the high mileage oil provides a film coating for longevity and to reduce motor breakdown. Detergents have also been applied to eliminate accumulated sludge and deposits.

Its innovative formula can also be utilized in newer cars to avoid engine damage before it occurs.

Valvoline High Mileage with Maxlife Technology complies with API SN and SN PLUS specifications and protects gasoline direct injection engines from sluggish pre-ignition.

Its 5-Qt container promotes powerful sealing techniques. The structure can withstand external rigors with ease. Of course, the 10W-30 grade oil is secure from the inside out. The quick pull tab includes a precise pour spout to prevent spills.

The quality of this engine oil is excellent for the price, and it delivers some of the benefits of a full synthetic oil at a much lower cost.

Nonetheless, it will fail, as will all engine oils, depending on driving style and weather conditions. It will not increase performance on badly worn engines.

It is the greatest option for older engines, especially those that leak. This is because it is fitted with MaxLife technology, which reduces engine leaks, clogging, and buildups.




  • Incorporated conditioners and detergents
  • Prevents leakage
  • Additional wear protection
  • Additional cleaning agents
  • Made in the United States


  • Not fully synthetic

12. Castrol GTX 10W-30 Motor Oil

Our final pick of the best oil for Toyota Corolla is the Castrol GTX 10W-30 engine oil.

Sludge, like cholesterol, can clog your engine’s essential oilways, robbing it of power and, eventually, its life.

Castrol GTX is a premium conventional motor oil that has been used for over 50 years to help extend engine life. Since 1968, it has evolved to fit the needs of consumers and automobile manufacturers, and it continues to innovate and be a trusted brand today.

Severe driving circumstances, such as heavy traffic, low fuel quality, harsh driving conditions, and exceeding oil change intervals, can all contribute to the formation of sludge, a thick, tar-like substance.

If left unchecked, it can deplete an engine’s power and, eventually, its life. This oil is specially designed to prevent sludge buildup while also protecting against new sludge formation.

TriShield is a revolutionary three-action technology that attracts, captures, and distributes particles that might accumulate in engines and create sludge buildup. TriShield safeguards the car you can rely on by preventing small particles from creating large problems.

To help avoid particle formation, this revolutionary method employs a polymer with two chemical hooks that capture and hold both sludge and soot in a single molecule. Castrol has strengthened the effectiveness and protection provided by GTX with TriShield Technology.

This 10W-30 engine oil offers superior engine sludge prevention as assessed in the Sequence VG Sludge Test. It exceeds API Service SM, SL, SJ, and SH requirements; ILSAC GF-4/ ILSAC GF-3/ ILSAC GF-2 for API-certified gasoline engine oils and satisfies energy-saving criteria: GM6094M.


  • API SM, SL, SJ, SH


  • Most advanced conventional oil on market
  • Advanced viscosity and thermal breakdown protection
  • Anti-wear additives help engine lasts longer
  • Reduced oil usage


  • None

Toyota Corolla Generations

Toyota Corolla 12th generation (2020, 2021)

For 2020, Toyota fully redesigned the Toyota Corolla, incorporating a larger, sportier grille and a more aggressive tail end. A hybrid powertrain based on Prius technology was also unveiled.

Toyota Corolla 11th generation (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

The appearance of the eleventh-generation Toyota Corolla was significantly overhauled, with a new front and back end separating it from the overseas models. It was available in four trim levels: L, LE, LE Eco, and S. It retained the same 1.8-liter engine, but in different versions: one with 132 horsepower and another with 140 horsepower.

It had a four-speed automatic transmission, a six-speed manual transmission, and a novel continuously variable transmission. For the 2017 model year, Toyota Corolla received a redesign as well as a new 7-inch touchscreen. In addition, new SE and XSE trims were launched. For the 2019 model year, a hatchback body variant was introduced.

Toyota Corolla 10th generation (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014)

The tenth-generation Toyota Corolla came with a more powerful 1.8-liter engine capable of producing 132 horsepower. There were five trim levels available: Standard, S, LE, XLE, and XRS. The 2.4-liter engine in the XRS model produced 158 horsepower. On the XRS, a five-speed manual transmission was standard, with a five-speed automatic available as an optional upgrade.

Toyota began manufacture of the Toyota Corolla in Blue Springs in 2011. For the 2012 model year, the XLE and XRS trims are no longer available.

Toyota Corolla 9th generation (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)

There was yet another lag between the debut of the next generation Toyota Corolla and its delivery. The ninth generation debuted in North America for the 2003 model year, based on a bigger Corolla Altis (sold in Southeast Asia) equipped with the 1.8-liter engine but producing 130 horsepower.

The three trims remained unchanged. It may be combined with a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual transmission.

Type of Motor Oil for Toyota Corolla by Year

Toyota Corolla Oil Type (2003-2008)

The Toyota Corolla of this generation was recognized for its robust construction and sporty features. It was equipped with a hp-130, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as a more powerful engine option. Synthetic oil had begun to become more common with this generation.

For example, the type of oil in a 2002 Toyota Corolla is synthetic oil 5W-30.

Toyota Corolla Oil Type (2009-2013)

Toyota officially altered the recommendation to 0W-20 oil viscosity, with the option of 5W-20, beginning with this generation. The engines, on the other hand, did not change much. Toyota Corolla 2010 oil was both 0W-20 and 5W-20, however Toyota Corolla 2013 oil is generally 0W-20, with 5W-20 only suggested if 0W-20 is unavailable.

Toyota Corolla Oil Type (2014-2019)

Toyota, like the majority of manufacturers, expressly advocates the use of synthetic oils. Its own Toyota Genuine Motor oil is a synthetic oil as well. This Toyota Corolla generation’s type of oil remained 0W-20, with the option of 5W-20.

2015 Toyota Corolla oil type is 0W-20, while for more powerful engines, both 0W-20 and 5W-20 oil viscosity are recommended. Similarly, the type of oil for the 2017 Toyota Corolla is 0W-20 for both engine versions, with 5W-20 also recommended for the 2.0-liter engine.

How To Buy Great Engine Oils for Toyota Corolla?

Model Overview

Toyota Corolla is one of the most successful vehicle brands, having achieved worldwide recognition on its own. It’s a low-cost, mostly four-door car that’s dependable and robust. This is why it remains popular in both developed and developing markets.

It is now in its 12th generation and has seen significant alterations, particularly in terms of body. It is, nevertheless, nonetheless seen as relatively conservative.

There are now two engine options: 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engines, with the former being the standard since 2003. The recommended viscosity of motor oil only changed after 2009, when it was changed to 0W-20. The engine oil viscosity for Toyota Corolla cars prior to 2009 was 5W-30.

Conventional oil was used in early versions, however synthetic or synthetic blends can be used in newer models (although full synthetic oil is obviously the best choice).

How Much Oil Does a Toyota Corolla Require?

Toyota Corolla typically uses 4.1 to 4.4 quarts of oil, depending on year of production and engine capacity. Currently, both the 1.8-liter and 2.0-liter engines have a capacity of 4.4 quarts. The capacity of older vehicles may vary significantly, thus it is best to verify for the specific year.

To be on the safe side, choose a 5-quart bottle, which will easily match the Toyota Corolla oil capacity. You’ll also save money by not purchasing many single-quart bottles.

Service Intervals

Toyota suggests replacing the engine oil in the Toyota Corolla every 5000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Depending on usage, your automobile will typically require oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles. It also depends on whether you’re using 100% synthetic or a blend of Toyota Corolla oil.

Why use Synthetic Oil?

There used to be a lot of discussion over whether conventional or synthetic oil was ‘better.’ Because people are averse to change, there were numerous myths flying about (sometimes for very good reason).

There were concerns that synthetic oil would degrade seals faster, would not adhere to surfaces as effectively, and would be prone to sludge. These were mostly baseless, and the tide has moved decisively in favor of synthetics.

The main reason that conventional oils are still used is because they are less expensive, however synthetics outperform conventional oils in terms of performance. Among the advantages of synthetic oil are:

  • Synthetic oil improves your vehicle’s gas mileage. Because synthetic oil can be made to lower oil viscosity ratings than conventional oils, it flows more easily, allowing the engine to work less hard.
  • Synthetic oil can also be used for longer oil change intervals. This not only saves you money, but it also cuts down on waste.
  • Synthetic oils extend the life of engines. If all other factors remain constant, using synthetic oil will extend the life of an engine.

When To Conduct an Oil Change in a Toyota Corolla?

The cycle of heating and cooling the oil gradually deteriorates its qualities, so engine oil becomes less efficient with time, and for trouble-free engine running, it must be replaced on time or with the required mileage.

Toyota recommends replacing the engine oil in the Toyota Corolla E15 every 9300 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. In practice, however, everything is different since both the state of the engine and the driving style affect the status of the oil in the engine, as well as the type of oil that is pumped into the power unit.

When driving short distances or in extreme conditions, the recommended oil change period is between 3100 and 4400 miles, while longer excursions with moderate weights necessitate replacement every 6200 miles.

Although this is a personal question, we recommend that you first and primarily monitor the oil level. It is critical that the oil filter be replaced together with the engine oil change.


What is the oil service volume for Toyota Corolla?

The amount and oil viscosity of engine oil are determined by the Toyota Corolla’s generation, engine volume and type, and degree of wear.

What type of oil should I use in my Toyota?

A basic rule that is usually accurate is that Toyota models manufactured after 2010 use synthetic oil, while older models use conventional oil. To be absolutely certain, browse through your Toyota Owner’s Manual or visit a reputable service provider, such as Spitzer Toyota Service Center in Monroeville PA. The Toyota Corolla 2017, for example, recommends an oil viscosity of SAE 0W-20 with a grade of ILSAC GF-5 multigrade engine oil. It is also suggested in the instructions that you use original Toyota engine oil if possible.

How to do an oil change in a Toyota Corolla?

Engine oil change in a Toyota Corolla is simple and takes about 20-30 minutes; the most of the time is spent waiting for the used oil to drain out of the vehicle! A 14mm socket, funnel, 3.9 quarts of oil, a drain pan, and an oil filter are all you’ll need.

Final Verdict: Which is The Oil You Should Get For Your Corolla?

As previously said, the best oil for Toyota Corolla is chosen individually, which takes time in most circumstances and sometimes requires more than one brand or rebrand.

To get the best oil for Toyota Corolla, look for one that fulfills API SN, ILSAC GF-5, and ILSAC GF-6 criteria.

If selecting the best oil proves difficult, three “yeses” must be considered:

  • If the weather is hot and the mileage is high, a semi-synthetic 10W-30 oil is the best oil for Toyota Corolla.
  • If the weather is chilly and the mileage is high, use 5W-30 or 5W-40
  • If the weather is unpredictable, 5W-30 motor oil as an all-season oil will usually be enough.

Good choice yours, replace on time, and don’t forget to check the oil level so you can change it on time.

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